db2unit is a unit testing framework for the IBM Db2 database written in SQL PL language.

This framework allows you to automate the tests for your routines (Stored procedure and functions), and it can integrated with your Test-Driven Development (TDD) strategy. db2unit is a xUnit framework with the same design as the well-known jUnit, using the same terms and components for the structure. By sharing the same terms and elements of jUnit, the learning curve is reduced and you or your developers can adopt this framework more easily.

db2unit could be considered as a jUnit porting to Db2 SQL PL.

  • jUnit http://junit.org
  • xUnit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XUnit

The licenses of this project are:

These are some useful links:

  • The source code and project is hosted in GitHub at: https://github.com/angoca/db2unit
  • The released versions are published at: https://github.com/angoca/db2unit/releases
  • The issue tracker for comments and bugs is at: https://github.com/angoca/db2unit/issues



  • Helmut Tessarek
  • Robert Mala